Summer, house guests, wedding and one way tickets!

It’s been more than a month since my last blog! Damn I have been slacking hahaha. Truthfully, last few weeks have been very busy. I had a house guest for couple weeks here in Derby – my dear friend Alex from Portland, Oregon visited on his European trip. It was fun to have someone around, but also strange. Living on my own for so long, has certainly made me a “habit freak”. It’s great that Alex is so chilled out, that he doesn’t pay to much attention to what I moan and complain about. We didn’t get as much time together as I wished for, since he had to work remotely, but we had enough time to talk in the evening, complain about politics and discuss future travel plans. I really hope he can visit me in Poland next year.

I have also been to Mallorca to my friend’s wedding – Krystian & Konrad started their new life journey (for the video relation, see my vlog section). Such a short trip for me, since I only managed to book three days off work. But it was so worth it. To see them happy, in love, with their close ones – family & friends on their BIG DAY. It breaks my heart when I watch daily spread of prejudice and bigotry back in Poland. If anything, life in UK opened my eyes on many subjects – including that love has no age, sex preference, religion or skin colour boundaries. Krystian & Konrad’s love is so pure, that many could learn from them – including myself.

I have also reconnected with an old friend Sarah, who out of the blue reached out and invited me to her birthday party. I am so glad she did. We (I), get so many excuses nowadays, with work, life, chores, shopping – that we forget or don’t get energy to keep in touch with everyone. But she is an amazing girl, and so is her family. I am so glad I got to hang out with her again, and run into a few amazing people there at the party. Some old friends were there, that I have not seen in 5 maybe 7 years, but I also made some new ones. Since I have been appreciating life more, seeing good in me and others, I see that I am attracting more positive events in my life.

One of the most exciting news though, is that I have finally booked my ticket to Bankgok. My one-way ticket, to the new adventure, maybe new life, opening myself to new possibilities. Getting out of my comfort zone. Getting to know new cultures. Meeting new people. Re-establishing relationships with family members. Eating nice food. Committing myself to writing more, reading more but most importantly - relaxing more!

Asia trip could not come sooner. I have been planning like mad. Ok, not like mad, because the whole idea is to actually take the days and weeks as they come, rather than pre-plan everything. But I have been planning a lot of jobs to complete, before I depart. Getting house ready for the rental market, closing my personal businesses. Getting my health on track. Spending time with family. I thought that the year will drag, maybe I will not know what to do with myself and with all this free time before departing. As much as we were really unlucky in UK this summer, time has actually flown so far. I don’t even know when the summer has passed, maybe because we didn’t experience much sun this year. Days are becoming shorter. Nights are getting colder. More time to reflect on what has this year brought so far.

I was keeping busy during past weeks with the new job. Such a big change to what I have known so far. Suddenly I have become a sales person and negotiator. I have to keep customers happy. Manage multiple projects at once and find a common language with computer gurus (I refuse to use word “geeks”) our programmers. How is it possible, that it’s already been 6 months since I left my previous job?! I left in the middle of March and change registration, but yet you can already see 69 plates on the road. Do I miss it? I think I do, I am sure I do. I miss what I knew and who I was there, what I built over the years and my team and people. But we also tend to crave, what is not always best for us, but just because we know it.

I am sure I will go back one day. But hopefully I will be able to try a different approach. Maybe after the whole time I spend travelling, I will come up with some awesome solutions, to problems that the industry is facing at the moment? Timing couldn’t be better to take a break. Brexit is still a big question mark, but the date of 31st October is approaching very fast. For once I am totally relaxed, because guess what I forgot to mention? As of 30th of August I am officially British!

Yes, I can eat fish and chips, drink tea and get excited about the Royal Family. God, to be honest none of that is for me – I don’t like chips or tea alright? But the British passport will open so many doors and bring so much comfort. Even travelling to many countries will be so much easier with that second nationality. It costed a lot of time, effort and money, but I have done it and it was worth it.

This week I have added quite a bit of content to the gallery section, so if you get time and enjoy looking through someone else’s travel photography 😉 please visit Gallery section. As I am still fighting chest infection, my mind is not 100%, so I barely managed to put together this note. But I am making promise to you and myself – I WILL GET BETTER AT WRITING (regularly), how I always vowed, when I started this website few months ago. To post content frequently. To keep readers interested. It is still my passion, putting my thoughts on paper (or PC screen in this case). I have so many topics I want to write about. Some quite controversial, and I am not sure if I am there yet, if I should be talking about certain things…

We will see, time will tell. I might start slow again. Maybe I should write a little more on the business topic and certainly travel. I have few things I want to share with you. “Relationships” can wait, since I have been avoiding drama recently (who would have thought). But there is also a story that I made a note of a while ago, speaking to people around me and watching few programmes. Toxic relationships – that is quite a controversy, right? How they affect us? How to recognise them? Is there such a thing as toxic relationships? Well, you need to wait and see what I have to say on this matter.

For now, I think it’s time to switch off my laptop, go offline and maybe even get an afternoon nap. I have not even been to Pilates and yoga for over a week. Because I am so weak. Well, at least I have not lost the ability to put a good rhyme together LOL.

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend whatever you’re doing and wherever you are!

P.S. Drop me a note if you get a chance. I would like to hear from you and what you enjoy reading and what topic you would like to hear on more!




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