Flying home for ...summer not Christmas (to the sound of Chris Rea)

It is Sunday night 22.35 to be precise and I am sat at the airport. My flight is delayed over 2 hours, in true Ryanair fashion. For those from outside of Europe – Ryanair are the cheap airlines. I admit you can get as good of a deal as return flights to Malta for £35, but at times I paid £300 to fly home for Christmas. It is a lot of research and a lot of frustration involved, where you have to pay for everything but the toilet onboard. And believe there were talks about charging passengers for the use of toilets in the past.

I am sat at Wroclaw airport - delay on the way to Poland, delay on the way back home. Can you feel slight irritation in my language? I don’t like goodbyes, I don’t like leaving Poland, it becomes harder and harder, but when you add to it sitting at the airport, with frustrated people in the middle of the night, tired and moody children (can you blame them?), it just not fun anymore.

I don’t even know where the last week has gone. Time seems to be flying faster the older I get, especially when you’re having fun. Even with few rainy days, it was still so good to be back home. Poland has become somewhat of an oasis for me. No matter the politics, no matter the current affairs and upsetting news on tv. What is great is the growth I see around, food, weather (any country has better weather than UK 😉 ), people becoming more open – you can hear more foreign languages in this city now, than actual Polish. That tells me something.

Wroclaw has become a multi-cultural centre. There are foreign students, foreign workers, travellers. I can see why. It’s a great city, with a lot to offer. From the centre of cultural life in Old Town, great bars, restaurants to galleries, botanical garden, museums and countless shopping centres. It does make me wonder, how is it possible, that a city smaller than Birmingham, has about 10 shopping centres the size of Bullring? Yet Birmingham has only one? And that is in the country, where the monthly average salary is still below £1000, and minimum wage below £500 and that is before taxes?! Where do people get money from, to go and spend in all them shops?

Ok, I am guilty of spending my hard earned pounds in the shops, but I like to think I support my country economy. Only if I was able to resist the sale sign a little more. Yet, I always find an excuse, on how useful and needed the next T-shirt or dress might just be. Apart from shopping though, I have spent a nice time with my mother, and also managed to sneak a 2 day trip to Warsaw, to see my friends and cousin.

During the trip to Warsaw I have visited Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews. I wanted to see this place for quite a while, and since the weather was not helping with city discovery, I committed some of the precious time, to broaden my knowledge and horizons. Unfortunately, we have run out of time, the place is so big and there is such a big story to be told. We have managed to only see about half of the place. The most painful part of the history itself and last 150 years, will have to wait to the next visit. But I certainly recommend for anyone in Warsaw to go and spend a day there.

Another great place was Hala Koszyki. I love my food, I love the idea of the food halls, where in one place there are restaurants and bars, you get to chose from all around the world flavours, and no one looks at you weirdly when you order a margarita to accompany your tacos…at 1pm. Yes I did enjoy my tequila – I was on holiday and we were celebrating my besties success and opening of a new business. Anyone needs a lawyer? I know a great one!

While we are on the topic of food, I recommend you visit my Top Spots in Wroclaw section, where I have listed all my favourite places, for any respectful declared foodie 😊. Interestingly, there are a lot of great vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants, which is optimistic to see. Polish people have become very conscious not just on the animal cruelty topic, but also zero waste and environmentally friendly changes that are easy to adopt. It is nice to see young generation, interested in the world issues, fighting for the future of this planet, and with only small changes any of us can make a difference.

During my whole 7 day trip, I have not bought a single plastic bottle – I carried my water bottle everywhere, and was happy to ask in bars to top me up with tap water. I carried a shopper bag with me. I rode public transport and Lime (electric scooters). It is still beyond me, that in countries so forward in the environment issues such as UK, those scooters are classed as illegal, due to some insane laws from over 150 years ago! Then again, after what has been happening with Brexit, I don’t think anything would surprise me in UK.

Enough of negativity, and certainly I am not here to be talking about UK politics. This blog is not going to be listing specific places to see, or what to do, whether you are in Wroclaw or Warsaw. I wanted to just express my gratitude and excitement of being back home. I am sensing stronger connection, with my home country, each time I come here. I can see how it has changed over the years, and I think I can see my future here. Who knows what the travel around Asia is going to bring? As it stands, I am quite open to idea of moving back to Poland - sooner than later. I miss my family, my friends, my culture, people who are like minded, where my nature is not seen as negative (yes, we do like to complain, as it is in our Polish blood hahaha). I think it would be a very interesting concept, to try and work remotely, maybe I will get a chance to try this while in Asia? And if not, I am open to trying new things. Just in Wroclaw they are seriously recruiting for tram drivers! Hell, yeah I can see myself doing this haha! I am a great driver after all right?

For now, enjoy your day or night wherever you are. I have another hour or so to my flight. So just going to enjoy free time. That is something we don’t get a lot, so might as well use it. Maybe I will even write a blog on time meaning and appreciation?