Books To Read - Business Psychology

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“The Leader’s Guide to Influence” - Mike Brent, Fiona Dent

One of the positions that had biggest impact on me as a manager. I feel when I finished this book, it was the time I have stopped calling myself a manager, and started calling myself a leader. This book will tell you about the importance of ever changing work environment and workforce. Simply, knowledge is not enough these days and widely talked about emotional intelligence, will have a crucial role on your career. You will read about how to work on your relationships at the office, about networking, trust, conflict, empathy and how all of the above and more, will have an impact, on ability to influence your team members. This is not just about influencing others, but making yourself a better manager. This book is written in a clear and easy language. You will gasp for more when reaching last chapter.

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“The Power of Habit” - Charles Duhigg

Fantastic book, that allowed me to understand the biggest secrets of retail industry. How our behaviors influence marketers and how, by correctly designed advertising, our habits can change forever. I didn’t realise, just to what extent, my life has been led by marketing around me. This book will open your eyes, not only to consumer behaviors, and how you can make your business better, but will also enable you, to understand how habits are formed. What happens inside your brain and how long it takes to change a habit. Whether you are trying to quit smoking or eat more healthy. There are real life business examples of how habits can rule the population - even heard of Starbucks and how so many cannot live without their daily coffee kick?

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“How to Win Friends and Influence People” - Dale Carnegie

Would you believe if I tell you this book was first published in 1930’s? When you read this, you will not believe how relevant this content and advice still is. Dale Carnegie talks about human relations, how to build strong connections, make friends and improve your dealings with other people in life - at work, home and any other social interactions. Main focus is on relationship, social behavior and human nature. He uses real life examples and scenarios. He developed a number of principles, that formed a training programme used around the globe by business professionals. I have attended many of those training sessions myself, and can confidently say, it definitely works, it’s relevant and it helped me become a more aware leader. If you cannot attend a training session, make sure to at least read this book.

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“Social Intelligence” - Daniel Goleman

One of my favourite authors, when it comes to social and emotional behaviour in psychology. So relevant in any business model. This book is slightly harder to read, due to a lot references to neurology and biology. Nevertheless one of the obligatory books, on any self respected managers’ list. Daniel Goleman is exploring the possibility of developing social intelligence and what benefits it could bring, if all were capable of doing so. It talks about compassion, attachment, security, love and bonds. As much as this books clearly falls into a psychology section, I think social and emotional connections are crucial parts in business. Daniel Goleman writes “The most fundamental revelation of this new discipline, we are wired to connect.”


“It All Matters” - Paul Cummings

This book and author got introduced to me during a work based training. A great publication from a great man. This full of life, American motivational speaker (and more), has been presenting to management around the world in automotive industry but also others. To start you think, these are just yet another techniques used to keep people hyper and high, to perform better. The more I listened and the more I watched his videos, I realized this is applicable not just in business world, but the day to day, personal life situations. With small steps on how greatly we could improve our and those around us well being. Paul has suffered a very serious stroke, but who if not him could’ve gone through it, regain strength, learn to speak again and do it, with even greater passion for life and smile on his face. Grab copy of your book and be ready to get inspired. After all, it all matters!

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“Thinking Fast and Slow” - Daniel Kahneman”

Moving away from direct business and motivation, into my other area of interest - human behaviors and in this case brain.How does it work, how our mind controls our actions? Those and more questioned get answered in this book. The author couldn’t be bigger authority in this field. As a Nobel Prize recipient for work in psychology challenging and decision making models, Kahneman explains complexity of brain connections and the mind. Two systems that control our decision making and our emotions. If you are interested to know how biases are formed, what are the dangers of prediction and judgement, difference between experiences and memory of it and whether we should trust our intuition, you will find a lot of answers in this book. It should transform the way you make decisions, at least while you’re thinking about it.

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“The Idiot Brain” - Dean Burnett

This is another great book, trying to explain in as friendly manner as possible, the complexity of neuroscience and how our brain works, and what effect it has on our body and lives. Science is never an easy subject to understand (not for me anyway), but Dr Burnett writes with as simple language as possible, when talking about brain sciences. With his sense of humor, relocatable language, he acknowledges the constant changes taking place in the world of neuroscience, and that brain is one of the organs still barely figured out. “Mysterious and ineffable object”, “tangles mess of habits, traits, outdated processes and inefficient systems” as he calls it. If you are keen on having a little bit more knowledge of what is going on in your head, this is a good place to start.