Books To Read - Relationships

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“Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” - John Gray

A staple of any respectable woman and man, who is interested in relationships. This is the position I feel should find its spot in every household. This is a book that should be read and read, over and over again. It is so eye opening, it is so obvious when we are reading about the differences in sexes, but yet, we very quickly forget and go back to our old ways. Book first published in 1992 but still relevant. No matter the change in technology, social media impact, economy growth of the world around us - male and female behaviors are still basic human instincts. I don’t want to give away to much, but if you haven’t yet come across this book, you need to order it ASAP. It will change the way you perceive your partner and hopefully improve your communication.

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“Furiously Happy” - Jenny Lawson

It is one of my airport finds. Before a long haul flight, I like to pick a book at the airport. This one,I grabbed at LAX and what got my attention, is that the author is openly talking about her mental health problem. So many people suffer with smaller or bigger mental issues. From prolonged stress exposure, leading to more serious depression and even bipolar disorder. Yet, still this subject is looked up on as a taboo. People don’t like to admit, what is seen as a weakness. Lawson is talking about it, as her strength, she is not afraid to joke about her condition and what situations it led to many times. At times I cried from laughter. Reading this book felt like a positive journey, through the unknown world of mental health. Relationship with ourselves, and ability to accept who we are is as important, as those bonds with people around us. That book will make it more easy to accept.


“Living and Loving Better with Time Perspective Therapy: Healing from the Past, Embracing the Present, Creating an Ideal Future” - Philip Zimbardo and Rosemary Sword

Professor Zimbardo is probably most known for the “prison experiment”, he carried out in the early 70’s (if you haven’t heard of it, make sure to do some reading - it’s very interesting and was a breakthrough in research, on how human actions, are impacted by the environment and circumstances they are put in). Zimbardo has since published a lot of books, but this the one, I read most recently. On subject of relationships and how past and future actions affect our present. If any of you still analyse past relationships, sees any of your exes as failures and those who ruined your life, if you feel you don’t know how to let go and if you have problems forming new relationships, because all you can think of, is being hurt again - you must read this book. It will explain some of the processes and simple techniques on time perspective, that can help you find peace with yourself.

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“Why Men Love Bitches” - Sherry Argov

I am not fan of self-help books. Most of times, rather than help, they end up highlighting all that is wrong with me. But this position, I treat more like a remedy for times, when I think, I will never find love again. This book is hilarious. I am sure most women around the world have read it, or at least heard about it. I am sure that men think we are insane reading stuff like that. But…after all, this is just a full of fun, positive energy, “guide” for women, to ensure they regain their independence and self confidence. Many bad relationships can drain and take pleasure out of building new connections. If you take this book with a dose of humour, and don’t follow it word by word, it might just give you enough, to get back out there and start dating again.

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“Why Men Marry Bitches” - Sherry Argov

Sherry Argov continues, following success of her first book. Now that you have managed to find and keep a man of your dreams, and you are no longer a “nice” girl, she lets you in on a secret, how to win his heart FOREVER. Another easy to read, fun, full of positive energy book, ideal if you want a little joy while on holiday or maybe taking a hot bath. I have to say a lot of “rules and advice” repeats itself, but still it is worth a read. If anything it should put a smile on your face - whether you are single, in a relationship, married or divorced.

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“I Hate Everyone…Starting With Me” - Joan Rivers

I adore Joan Rivers, she was my idol. I cried with laughter watching her on TV. I was the most excited about finally securing tickets, to see her perform live in 2014. Unfortunately, following complications after a simple surgical procedure, she has passed away about 2 months before appearing in Nottingham, UK. I never ended up seeing her live. It doesn’t change the fact, this lady was someone special. She spoke her mind, she was inappropriate, she had amazing relationship with her daughter and granddaughter. This book, is somewhat Joan Rivers in a pill. “Love may be a many-splendorded thing, but hate makes the world go round.” - that is an opening line in her book. And you will not be ready for what’s coming. Lots of laughter and relatable stories on relationships with men, people, family members and more.

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“The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo” - Amy Schumer

Following death of Joan Rivers, Amy became my favourite comedian. I have been enjoying her sketches, stand up shows and movies for many years. Finally, I grabbed her book, which is sort of autobiography. To my surprise, she is quite a shy girl when it comes to relationships, she has not been as sexually adventurous as you might think watching her on stage, and in fact, she had few quite traumatic experiences as a growing up woman. She is inspiring to me, she is a voice of today’s women generation, she allows us to enjoy sex without relationships, speaks about our bodies and emotions and shows that there is no shame in this. Even if you never heard of Amy Schumer, I think you will enjoy reading her story, as it is relatable, honest and funny, just as Amy is.