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Brief note from an expat…

As I am writing this note, I am working my notice. Who would have thought that 6 weeks ago I would hand my resignation? After nearly 6 years with the company, CEO Management Award (see link further down), completing Leadership Programme and continuously climbing career ladder? I am now leaving the busy plc world and my job as Divisional Financial Controller to try something completely different. From a business of 6000 employees I am going to work for company of 3 staff! Ok the main business has few more personnel but the subsidiary is literally made of 3 people. I understand 6000 staff in Vertu is nothing compared to companies which I nearly ended up with - like JCB with 11,000 employees or even Daimler Group with circa 180,000 employees (worldwide). And you know what, this is the right move for me right now. I need a new challenge but also utilise what I am good at without sacrificing my health. What I am good at – I would like to say that it is building relationships, coaching and training people, knowledge of finance, strategies and motor industry. Plus, I am going to work with great people who I knew for years, looked up to and who mentored me for many years.

When working it is easy to lose sight of yourself and what is good for us as individuals. I personally for a few years focused so much on achieving career goals and doing what was best for the business, that at times I forgot what is good for me. I think I didn’t even know what was making me happy anymore. This is not to say my job and work I did, did not give me pleasure. Of course, it did – every accomplishment of my team, my division, reaching deadlines, developing people, building a network of connections all were very beneficial and fulfilling at time, yet the sense of happiness was brief.

Vertu CEO Awards 2016

Vertu CEO Awards 2016

Following few events in 2018 a seed got planted in my head. Events that at the time felt negative, ended up turning into a positive experience. After time, any experience just becomes a memory and I think it is down to us, what we do with that memory. That experience made me realise that I have to shift the focus and while professional growth and career are important, so am I.

For now, I decided to take a side step. I think my professional life will gain from building on what I am already good at. I want to slow down and already advised my new employer that I am going to be having career break in 2020. And the sense I got from them as well as my previous employers, was that the door will always remain open. Having the security and reassurance of always being able to get a job – even after being out of market potentially for a year or two – is making this decision easier. I actually think it will make me even better leader and manager after gaining experience from doing short work stints all over the world.