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Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, USA

From young age I was raised to become an independent woman. The first solo trip that I remember, was an hour-long train journey to my grandma. Ok it doesn’t sound like a big thing now, but how about if I tell you I was 7 years old? Yes, they were different times and my dad would get me safely on the train and grand parents pick me up from train station on the other side, nevertheless it is a big thing for a young girl. Although it was not for me. I was brought up in the house where travel, meeting new people and discovering new cultures was important. We would travel through Europe with my parents once a year, I was also going each year on school trips and summer camps in Poland and abroad.

This is how I started coming out of my shell, fell in love for first time, test my language skills and in general had time of my life. So many good memories from those trips. It didn’t end there as just after school I decided to go to UK first time. 19-year-old with no job and little money moving to another part of the world.

This note is not going to concentrate on that scenario though, I needed to make it clearer on where my love of going around the world comes from. For many years living in the UK, I only travelled back home to Poland or on your usual pre booked, all inclusive holidays. The real struggle came when I became single and for many years, I have not been on any holidays other than visiting Poland. I was getting more and more frustrated – with myself and world. Blaming everyone but myself for being single and that unless I had a boyfriend I could not go anywhere, and how sad my life was and that there was no hope for me.

Yes, now I am thinking what a whinging and annoying person I was. Who was to say I could not go anywhere? Who says being single is stopping me from making my dreams come true? It was a slow process and a mental journey, but the day came where somehow the confidence in me was strong enough, and I have ended up booking my first ever solo flight that was not destined for Poland.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

I booked flight to Lisbon for 3 nights in a hostel! And since the moment I landed, I never looked back. This was the best holiday I ever took. I did not have a lone or dull moment. From time I left the airport and my new friend Riccardo picked me up on his Vespa, whisking me round small streets of Lisbon to time I met my fellow hostel friends – Ayano from Japan or Mostafa from Egypt. Some fantastic memories of a beautiful city. I never looked back my preferred choice of travel became travelling SOLO.

Over the years I have visited many places, but there are more left to see. I met some amazing, friendly people with truly inspiring stories. Many became my best friends, many just stayed a memory. I love to travel, I love meeting people, I love seeing new cultures and feeling and doing what locals would do. From city breaks, to country escapades and hikes through the mountains.

That short trip years ago opened not just my eyes, but my heart! And it is only the beginning.