This website has been created by a normal woman that you might be passing on the street every day. Someone who has lived life to full and to minimum. Someone who emigrated from home country. Someone who has travelled. Someone who has been in relationships. Someone who lived solo life. Someone who has passion for life. Someone who gets depressed at times. Someone who looks better with smile on their face. Someone who sees good in people.

That someone is ME!

For few years now I was on the quest to find sense in my life. As trivial as it might sound, somehow career, position and money stopped fulfilling the potential in me. I was doing what was expected of me. Showing up at work, giving 150%, climbing up the ladder - professionally and socially. I was taking holidays. I was spending time with friends and family. Yet I was not HAPPY…

My name is Malwina Bartosiak and it is a pleasure to welcome you to my website. I am 80’s generation child - may I risk statement 80’s were TOP decade? I come from Poland but have lived in United Kingdom for nearly half my life. I have emigrated after finishing High School. That in itself was a long story - moving to a strange country, alone with no job and £200 in my pocket. Today (February 2019) I work as a Financial Controller in automotive industry, I own a property, car and a CAT. This is where the story begins rather than end. I have a plan.

I recently realised that my biggest passions are writing and travel. I am still very passionate about business, especially business psychology. Closely followed by photography and newly found pleasure in video blogging. I am still very much an amateur in both. Although I think that this is my advantage - I aimed for perfection most of my life. Perfectionism is like a disease. It can hurt you deeply. For a change I learned to accept my small imperfections. Finally I am working on my first book and of course, on growing this website.