Tel Aviv - Top Spots (Foodies)


Claro - Tel Aviv


One of top restaurants in Tel Aviv. Located in Sarona - overlooking Azrieli Center, next to Sarona market is a perfect spot for lunch or evening meal. Menu changes frequently, depending on seasonally available products. One of best cocktails I had in Tel Aviv. Please note restaurant is more on "pricey” spectrum, but definitely worth a treat. Maybe you want to celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones, take a girl on date or simply enjoy a beautiful surrounding? Whatever the reason you can expect first class service and tasty food! Don’t forget to check their Instagram page and you will see for yourself on what to expect. Decor is modern, with dimmed lights, a lot of “green” nature around. Remember to book a table as it gets very busy (if you cannot work online reservation link, don’t get discouraged and just dropped them an email - I got reply instantly!).


Vicky Cristina - Tel Aviv

Vicky Cristina

Based in Old Train Station, Neveh Tzedek area of Tel Aviv would be a perfect spot for a bite to eat and drink. Whether you are walking back from Jaffa or after a long day at the beach. Vicky Cristina is open till late. Large, outdoors patio surrounded by tea lights and trees. Tapas style food and top class wine on the menu. Perfect spot for a date or friends night out. Train Station is made of other lovely restaurants and bars, so you will be able to do some bar hoping if required. Just note, that all of the places get extremely busy during weekends, so you might want to pre-book your table.


La Otra - Tel Aviv

La Otra

In the middle of HaYarkon you can find a hidden gem. Do you like Mexican food? Do you like a tasty cocktail? Maybe shot of tequila? All that and more you can find at La Otra. Cocktail Bar and Restaurant. We chose to sit at the bar, I feel this is where you get the best vibe of any place. Barmen are very friendly and instead of drinking of the cart, they offered a unique one of drinks based on my personal preferences and taste buds. As any other place in Tel Aviv, reservation is a must unless you don’t mind waiting or travelling solo (usually any restaurant or bar will be able to fit a lone traveller). Food is tasty, quite a generous portions. Cocktails strong, so be prepared to have a taxi on standby.


Onza - Tel Aviv


Turkish cuisine mixed with contemporary twist. Right in a middle of Flea Market in Jaffa, surrounded by other bars and restaurants, it is a popular and one of top spots in the area. I would suggest on getting few smaller plates and trying as much as possible - cauliflower salad, eggplant, shawarma are just few of must tries. If you forgot to book a table, you might just be able to find a tight spot at the bar. Fantastic service, friendly atmosphere but just like at any place in Tel Aviv, be prepared to dig dip in your pockets. Enjoy drinks, food and you might just have enough energy for a night stroll down the Jaffa Port. Last time I was there late at night, I was lucky enough to observe blood moon.


Cafe Shneor - Tel Aviv

Cafe Shneur

A local coffee shop with some delicious breakfast and lunch options. Vegan friendly choices available. Hidden gem right behind Bialik House. Perfect spot for breakfast or coffee on a way to the beach or Carmel Market. Fantastic and friendly staff working there, always happy to have a chat with you. Make sure to try meatballs, shakshuka with added spinach and a staple cauliflower. Spicy shakshuka sandwich is on another level! Prices here are pretty friendly to any budget, comparing to above restaurants and food choice big enough, to try something else few days in the row. Small cafe, where no one will rush you, so whether you’re with friends, family on on your own just wanting to read a book in a nice atmosphere - this is a place for you.


Falafel Razon - Tel Aviv

Falafel Razon

Falafel is falafel you might think. Well you are wrong. On King George Street in Tel Aviv, you can find a place, with never ending queue. Menu is pretty simple falafel or ….falafel! Salad, sauce and 3 tasty chickpea balls. Served fresh, as demand is so big, they instantly prepare new portions. Don’t get discouraged by the long queue, it won’t take long for you to be served. And the best thing? All this for 6NIS - yes 6 shekels, you cannot get anything cheaper and more filling than this, when even small bottle of water in Tel Aviv, will set you back by minimum 5NIS. Grab your falafel, 2 minute walk to Meir Garden - sit and enjoy your food in the shade of surrounding trees and dog park friendly noises.


Cafe Yom Tov - Tel Aviv

Cafe Yom Tov

Another fabulous place for breakfast, or just chilled out coffee while exploring Carmel Market - since it is right in the middle of all the action. Sandwiches, pastries, salads and plenty of vegan options (Tel Aviv is becoming a world centre of vegan culture), coffee and tea in a cool, bohemian like environment. You will see people working remotely on their Mac Books here, you will see locals grabbing a coffee on the way to work. Prices are really affordable comparing to what’s usual in Tel Aviv. In the evening this places turns into a chilled out spot to grab a cocktail and listen to live music by any guest DJ.


Port Sa’id - Tel Aviv

Port Sa’id

This might be an obvious choice for a traveller, maybe slightly overrated by now, but still has an important place in my heart. One of first places I was introduced to, by my local Israeli friends. Port Sa’id is a bar, where crowds spill over the stairs and any available space outside. Located right opposite Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv - it is an example of true contrasts of Tel Aviv as a city. Great place to enjoy a drink, listen to music, have some delectable food - any respectable hipster would show their face here at least once. Right off Allenby and Rothschild. This place does not take reservations - so you either come early or hope for the best. Alternatively you can still have a lot of fun, just standing, drinking and taking it all in (no food involved in this scenario unless you have three arms).


Herzl 16 - Tel Aviv

Herzl 16

I did not get an opportunity to eat here, since we were on the quest for enjoying late night drinks. The story of the place is interesting for those who never been to Tel Aviv - it is a remake of a previous well known local spot Rothschild 12. Following a demolition of the previous location, they moved the bar to new building with maybe even cooler vibe. Reading any reviews, you will see,, that any foodie will enjoy a fabulous menu with a Japanese twist - tasty gyoza or sashimi anyone? At night it is busy spot, no reservation no worry. In the usual manner we managed to get a place at the bar! My favourite. For a more personal moment, just make sure to get yourself a table booked at the inner yard (make sure to check their gallery to know what I am talking about).


Teder - Tel Aviv


Newest discovery for me, introduced by local friends on latest trip. Any local I mentioned it too, showed their thumbs up! What used to be a pop up bar and turned into a permanent location. Cool spot, in a closed of court yard, surrounded by shops in a day and turning into a live show at night. With live music, bands, DJs and….the best pizza in town! I confirm, I tried and I can vouch for it. Although, if your Hebrew is non existing, you might be risking missing out - the queue and order/collection system of the mentioned pizza, makes completely no sense ;). Make sure to take your local friends here, just so they can buy you pizza.


Otello - Tel Aviv


Best ice cream in Tel Aviv! Full stop. That’s where I could finish my review of Otello, but I would do its injustice. One shop in the middle of Dizengoff and one on Herzl, you get a variety of flavours and lots of chocolate with your Italian gelato. Range of flavours from standard chocolate, pistachio to lotus cream. Mhmm… Make sure you grab one, while strolling down Dizengoff or on the way from beach to cool down. Portions are really big, so I would suggest two portions are plenty, before they completely melt in the heat of summer in Tel Aviv.


Barvazi - Tel Aviv


Sandwiches with a twist, this is how I would describe this place. It is based in a reception area of Hotel Saul. Unique combination of fillings - have you ever tried a watermelon on your sandwich? With their famous red cabbage and pastrami, avocado, macaroni and cheese (yes you read this right) and more. Prices are really affordable to grab something on the go, or while enjoying morning coffee and people watching outside.