Past is just a memory. Future is still a dream. Present is a gift.
— Philip G. Zimbardo

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The Best of wroclaw 2019

Summer holiday and fun vibe, follow the link to my YouTube channel :)


This website has come from passion. An interest, that I have found after many years of not knowing who I am any more, nor what makes me happy.

My website is a combination of a blog, video blog, gallery and sections where I have included real life advice and lessons. Life hacks from my own life. What I have experienced so far in this world and that I wanted to share with others. My successes and my failures, each of them having an impact on where I am now and in which direction I am heading next.


“Logic and analysis can immobilise and sterilise an idea. It’s like love - the more you analyse it, the faster it dissapears”

Bill Bernbach

Please follow the link to read my view on over analysing love and how it affected my life. (Pictured my true and forever love - my DAD).


Get Ready For Your Adventure

One day I realised I am sick of waiting for the right person to whisk me away on holiday. That person never came - neither boyfriend, nor friend, nor even family member. I simply got bored of just flying back to Poland for my holidays (as much as I LOVE MY COUNTRY). I decided I will book a flight and bed in hostel dorm. I decided I will get on that plane and enjoy my solo trip. That was 4 years ago and I never looked back…

Olá Lisboa!


How I succeeded at work?

The Chinese proverb goes:

“One who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; one who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.”

Believe me I have not woken up one day and had it all. It took many years of hard work, bettering myself, learning new skills, reading and networking. I have not had anything handed to me on a platter. I moved to a strange country, with no job secured and no University diploma. But in 14 years in UK, I have worked many jobs, graduated from University, learned and gained professional experience, and most importantly built a network of people who I can reach out to when in need of advice or help.

I also asked many questions over the years - never be afraid to ask, there are no stupid questions.

Click on the link below to read more on my personal experiences and advice I wish to now share with you.