Wroclaw - Top Spots (Foodies)


Panczo - Wroclaw


Wroclaw in recent years has really stepped up its game and global foodies can find many great spots on the city map. If you fancy a bit of Mexican heaven in your mouth, you can definitely find it in Wroclaw. Panczo has two localisations in the city. Started as a food truck when the first ones appeared in Wroclaw and still going strong. Surrounded by other trucks at Swietego Antoniego, it also has an actual restaurant now at Wita Stwosza. Located 5 mins walk from Old Town, on the corner with one of my favorite streets - Wlodkowica. Great vibe and decor, in the summer you can choose to sit outside and people watch, while sipping a tequila based cocktail and chomping on one of many flavored tacos. IPA enthusiast don’t you worry, you can choose from nice list of craft beers, it wouldn’t be Wroclaw otherwise. For those with bigger appetite, make sure to try “Big Ass Burrito”.


Osiem Misek - Wroclaw

Osiem Misek

Another food truck to a restaurant story. Truck is located at Borowska Street and restaurant at Wlodkowica (can you see a pattern yet ;)? ). Very individual and flexible approach to an Asian cuisine, but as the name of the place states, Osiem Misek (Eight Bowls) has eight main dish choices on the menu. They call themselves slow food and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. I can see why. I have been coming back to this place, each time I am in Wroclaw. Food cooked from scratch, you will find more and more texture and flavors with each mouthful. Bao Buns, Curry and Ramen. Meat, vegetarian and vegan options available. Most of the city eateries are becoming vegan friendly. Fashion trend or generation change? It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s good for our bodies and tasty at the same time. Oh yes, and be prepared to queue - this place gets very busy and they don’t take reservations.


KRVN - Wroclaw


You might have already gathered that some of my favorite spots are based right next to each other. Whohoo - it makes it so much easier to go on a food/cocktail crawl while in Wroclaw. There will be more cool places reviewed below from that area. But for now - KRVN (pronounced Karavan) is located on Swietego Antoniego. It has limited space inside, but you can make reservations (staff may ask you to leave a deposit of up to 100zl - so about $25, all to be spend at the bar or food). Really cool vibe, decorated like a proper hipster area should be. They serve some delicious food, tasty cocktails. Choice of sandwiches, signature burgers, salads and plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans. I chose to sit at the bar on my last visit. Great thing about these kind of places is, that you are not forced to drink form the carte but the barmen will be happy to prepare you a drink, based on your preferences in choice of alcohol and taste.


Ahimsa - Wroclaw


In the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainist tradition, Ahimsa means respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others. And just like its meaning, this place is as animal friendly as possible. Must go on any vegan list, but also for those who love delicious food, made from scratch, with an Asian twist. Fancy a vegan sushi, maybe a sizzler or an Indian Masala dish? You can find all of this on their menu. Place is decorated simply but welcoming. Food portions are massive, but you will be able to ask for your leftovers to be packed to go. Zero waste is becoming very open topic in Poland. Staff are friendly, prices are good, location great - it is yet another spot on Swietego Antoniego.


Mleczarnia - Wroclaw


During the day you may think it’s a coffee house, in the evening you might think of it as a gastro pub. No matter what you choose to call it, it is one of the first places introduced to me by the locals, that they thought I would love. They were right. Quirky decor, where each table and chair is different, old tile floor, beautiful lighting - these are the characteristics that make or break a place for me. They create a vibe and atmosphere of a place, where you want to spend time and you want to come back. Plenty of hot drinks to chose from and enjoy while eating a freshly made cakes. In the evening you might chose from a list of stronger drinks on the menu and a bigger bite to eat. They have a beautiful outdoor area in the back, overlooking White Stork Synagogue.

Ale Browar - Wroclaw

Ale Browar - Wroclaw

Ale Browar

This was one of the first real ale pubs, after the love for IPA has reached Poland. Big choice of local craft beers, knowledgeable staff, chilled vibe and plenty of guys with beards. Even those, who don’t necessarily find their love for craft beer will find something to suit their taste buds (yes that’s me). Place with a stylish, modern interior, a lot of wood, board games and it is open till 2am! Not much more to add, but if you like beer and no pressure atmosphere, then make sure to make a stop here (corner of Wlodkowica and Swietego Antoniego).


Shrimp House - Wroclaw

Shrimp House

This place has become a chain in Poland, with multiple locations across the country, but it certainly doesn’t feel like a chain when you visit. It somewhat still managed to retain a certain privacy feeling and an atmosphere of a unique diner. Just as the name suggest, you will find here all sorts variations of shrimp - shrimp salad, shrimp sandwich, shrimp curry, shrimp fajitas, shrimp soup and so on. One would say this might have as well been a place run by Bubba from Forrest Gump, but no. An idea for this place came from three brothers with passion for food.


Bar Mleczny “Mis” - Wroclaw

Bar Mleczny “Mis”

This place is going to take you back in time. For anyone from Western countries, this might come a bit of a shock, or maybe rather a unique opportunity to experience what “restaurants” used to look like 30-40 years ago, during deep communism in Poland (ok, apart from forks and spoons chained to tables haha). Bar Mleczny is a difficult phrase to translate into English, but its somewhat short order bar, where number of dishes are prepared for that day and ready to be served. I will not talk about decor or atmosphere of this place. What is most important here, is food. It is food just how I remember from childhood. Typical Polish dishes, no variation, no modern flavors or experiments. The food here is EXTREMELY cheap but delicious. If you like simplicity and are open to the idea, I think you will enjoy it. This is a place where men in suits sit next to students, because after all, we are all just humans who want to fill their stomachs.


PRL - Wroclaw


PRL Bar is located right in the heart of Old Town. It is another attempt to take us back in time. PRL stands for Polish People’s Republic 1947-1989 up to end of communism. The whole idea is to be able to look back in time and appreciate what we have now. Still though the decor from those times, music, culture and events can bring some great memories for many, and for tourists it is just a great adventure. Apart from ability to enjoy the simplicity of those time, furniture from simple, old times they organise events such as karaoke nights. On the menu you will find straight shots of vodka with pickled cucumber or bread with smalec (lard), barszcz (borsch), pickled herring and few other interesting positions from Polish cuisine. And for those less adventurous you can just enjoy a beer and watch people passing by in the hurry.